Matterport expands WebVR beyond Daydream to include majority of Android devices

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Matterport is pleased to announce that we are expanding support for WebVR to millions of additional devices. We started with WebVR in February 2017 with the Google Daydream platform. Now we are also supporting WebVR across many more Android devices for Google Cardboard headsets. This is a major step in making virtual reality an easy, simple, “one-button” experience for all. Read more about this huge milestone on our blog.

Making Virtual Reality access even easier than before

For those who remember the early internet, WebVR is to VR as Flash streaming video is to YouTube. Before YouTube, watching a video online was extremely difficult. Many different formats would only work with proprietary players, each of which required a special plugin. You had to download the majority of content before viewing, and only then hope you had the right plugin and codec to play the video. The friction created by these added steps made it hard for viewers to access and enjoy lots of different types of content.

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